Case Studies

We serve hundreds of partners worldwide, including resellers, distributors, installers, car manufacturers, and we offer a range of charging solutions tailored to your business model.
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Factory, Motorcycle

New Electric Motorcycle Sees First Factory Fresh Units

Electric motorcycle rolls out of the company’s factory in India. After six years of development and planning, Tork is proud to announce...
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Cargo, Driving

Buzz Self Driving Passenger & Cargo Vans On The Way

You’d think after creating the world’s largest and most open EV charging network we'd be satisfied, but you’d be wrong, there's still...
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Future, Tesla

Study Suggests All Trust Tesla Most For Future Autonomy

A consumer survey suggests Tesla is currently the brand that's most trusted by consumers to develop future fully autonomous cars...
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Parking, Tickets

A Beginner’s Guide On Where To Buy Parking Payment Machine

A car parking payment machine an automated system, which allows car owners to purchase a parking ticket. Later, they can display...
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Electric, Scooter

Electric Scooter Maker Askoll Revamps Entire Model Range

For starters, a new single battery version of the eS2 EVOlution 1.4 and NGS2 1.4 models has been released. The new battery is a 1.4...
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Construction, Factory

Build A Huge Factory For 1 Million E-Axles Annually

Construction work is scheduled to start in October, while production is expected to start a year later, in October 2023 production is...
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